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What Is Career Pathways Initiative?

Career Pathways at ASU-Beebe is a grant funded program designed to assist low-income parents in overcoming barriers  preventing them from achieving academic access or success in the workplace. Possible benefits for eligible students may include tuition and fees, childcare expenses and fuel vouchers.


In order to qualify, you must

  • Be a resident of Arkansas; AND

  • Must be the parent or legal guardian of a child (who lives in the home on a permanent basis) under 21 years of age AND

  • Be receiving Food Stamps, Medicaid or ARKids, OR

  • Have earnings that fall below the 250% federal poverty level guidelines (see chart below)

Worksheet on Family Income Eligibility for TANF-Funded Services

2017 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia

Household Size

250-100% FPL

100% FPL






















If Family/household Size is over 8, add $4,180 to the annual income for each additional member.
*This family size category should only be used when determining eligibility for a parent of a minor child 
whose child does not reside in the home of the applicant.

Required Documents Needed To Apply

  • Current years Federal Income Tax returns

  • Current DHS letter, on letterhead, with your name listed as Case Header or part of the case stating all of benefits you currently receive (TEA, SNAP, ARKids, Medicaid)

  • Applicant's Driver's license or Photo ID

  • Applicant's Social Security Card

  • Child(ren)'s birth certificates or Proof of Birth from a hospital

  • Child(ren)’s social security cards

How Do I Apply?

Contact ASU-Beebe Career Pathways directly to speak with an ASU-Beebe Career Pathways staff member.  The Career Pathways office may be reached at  501-207-6244 or 501-207-3049.

Career Pathways Initiative can provide opportunities to complete:

  • GED/Adult Education classes

  • Employability Certificates/Career Readiness Certificate

  • Short Term career certificate programs (one year or less)

  • Individual career counseling

  • Interest inventories for career exploration

  • Financial assistance (gas vouchers, childcare, tuition, books and fees)

  • Childcare assistance

  • Tutoring services

This program is supported by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, the Arkansas Association of Two Year Colleges, the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education, The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, and the Southern Good Faith Fund.