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Occupational Technology

Welding Technology

Welding Technology instructs in the process of permanently connecting pieces of metal together. While this may sound simple, welding actually requires a high level of skill and training.

Training in the Welding Technology program prepares students to work in a wide range of areas, such as shipbuilding, aerospace technology, automobile manufacturing, or working on the pipeline. Welding is also used to connect beams and structures in buildings, bridges, and much more. This means the potential opportunities for employment are even greater than expected.

With over 100 types of welding methods available, Welding Technology will introduce the student to the most commonly used methods, such as arc welding, TIG, MIG, soldering and brazing by a certified welding inspector. Students will be introduced to various techniques, such as flat, horizontal, overhead, and vertical welding. The coursework will also teach the difference between manual, semi-automated, and automated welding. Student can earn a certification in welding through the American Welding Society (AWS) and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).   


Requirements: 30 hours

COM 1003 Career Communications (or higher)
MATHA 1013 Technical Mathematics A
WELD 1004 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 1104 Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 1204 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WELD 1304 Metal Fabrication
Two of the following:
WELD 2004 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 2104 Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 2204 Advanced Gas Tungsten Welding
WELD 2304 Advanced Metal Fabrication
WELD 2114 Pipeline Welding

Students must complete two of three 8-week terms. Options are as follows: 
Term 1: August to October
Term 2: October to December
Term 3: January to March

Classes are held Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Estimated cost: $5,500 includes tuition, books, fees and supplies 



John Reed, Instructor ASU-Searcy 501-207-6248 jpreed

Terry McKinney, Instructor ASU-Searcy 501-207-6247 twmckinney

Thomas Green, Instructor ASU-Heber Springs 501-362-1271 tagreen

Carrol Moody, Director 501-207-6206 jcmoody

Miranda Harmon, Assistant 501-207-6213 msharmon