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Occupational Technology

Power Sports Technology

Power Sports Technology is designed to train students to fix vehicles such as powerboats, motorcycles, ATVs, and outdoor power equipment. With training in the Power Sports Technology, students get the chance to expand abillities as a hands-on problem solver. Skills and knowledge gained though the Power Sports Technology can lead to a greater feeling of independence, personal satisfaction, and financial benefits in this growing career field. About 37 percent of U.S. residents take part in recreational boating each year. Also, a growing interest in ATV's and motorcycles has resulted in an increased demand for professionals who can build, maintain, and service these power sports vehicles.  


Requirements: 31 hours
PST     1003    PwrSports Drive Trains
PST     1013    PwrSports Four Cycle Engines
PST     1023    PwrSports Fuel Systems
PST     1043    PwrSports Frames, Suspensions, & Brakes
PST     1053    PwrSports Maintenance
PST     1063    PwrSports Marine
PST     1073    PwrSports Two Cycle & Electric Engines
IET      1002   Introduction to General Electronics I
IET      2002   Introduction to General Electronics II
COM    1003   Career Communications
MATHA   1013   Technical Mathematics A


Classes will be held August to May, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Estimated cost: $4,800 includes tuition, books, fees and supplies



Ron Snyder, Instructor 501-207-6229 rdsnyder

Carroll Moody, Director 501-207-6206 jcmoody

Miranda Harmon, Assistant 501-207-6213 msharmon