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Occupational Technology

Computerized Machining Technology

Computerized Machining Technology is designed to help the student build valuable skills for one of today's most appealing and dependable trades. Training focuses on working with computer numerical control (CNC) machine technologies for making tools, dies, molds, and other objects using 3-D printing, high-tech lathes or milling equipment. 


Requirements: 36 hours

CMT 1003 Master Cam I
CMT 1103 Prototyping I
CMT 1203 Basic Machining
CMT 2003 Master Cam II
CMT 2103 Prototyping II
CMT 1602 Manufacturing Processes
CMT 2703 Advanced Machining
CMT 2213 Advanced Computer Numeric Control Machining
CMT 2303 Computer Numeric Control Machining
CMT 1402 Manufacturing Materials
MATHA 1013 Technical Mathematics A
COM 1003 Career Communications

Advanced Classes offered but not required

CMT 2113 Industrial Environment
CMT 2123 Concepts to Production
CMT 2133 Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Classes will be held August to May, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Estimated cost: $5,700 includes tuition, books, fees and supplies


Contact Information:

Derrick Holobaugh, Instructor 501-207-6286 ddholobaugh

Joe Petty. Instructor 501-207-6232 japetty

Carroll Moody, Director 501-207-6206 jcmoody

Miranda Harmon, Assistant 501-207-6213 msharmon