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Math and Science


These courses are designed to meet the needs of the general student wishing to secure an understanding of the fundamental biological principles for a better understanding of life and for students desiring to prepare for teaching and research, for graduate study and for medicine and related fields.


BIOL 1004 Biology for General Education
BIOL 1013 Nutrition For a Healthy Lifestyle
BIOL 1014 Principles of Biology
BIOL 1024 Ecology
BIOL 2013 Nutrition
BIOL 2023 Anatomical Kinesiology
BIOL 2104 Microbiology
BOT 1104 General Botany
ZOOL 1014 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
ZOOL 1204 Principles of Zoology
ZOOL 2004 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
ZOOL 2014 Human Anatomy and Physiology II