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English and Fine Arts

Speech and Theater Department

The department administers the Associate of Fine Arts in Theater degree, offers a variety of theater and communication coursework, in most cases open to everyone.

These elective courses and practical experiences with the craft of theater will in turn enrich the student's academic, professional, and cultural life. Emphasis is given to the development of an abstract, critical and societal appreciation for the human experience. Students may take advantage of these opportunities through enrollment in departmental courses or through participation in the co-curricular theater productions.

Additionally, the department contributes to the cultural life of our campus and the creative economy of our community with a regular season of theatrical productions. Our coursework and productions are open to everyone. You do not have to be an AFA major or even, in the case of theatrical production, an ASU-Beebe student to participate.

Each year the ASU-Beebe Department of Theater presents a series of co-curricular productions. Participation in ASU-Beebe theater productions can be considered for course credit if completed while registered in our theater practicum course (repeatable) which is open to everyone. Department productions are selected from a variety of historical periods, theatrical styles, and ideological viewpoints in order to provide our AFA majors with a varied palette of theatrical experience most likely to resemble real-world, professional industry expectations. Additionally, these co-curricular theater productions are educational laboratories for the entire campus community. As such, they are designed to enhance student academic growth, artistic expression, and intellectual freedom.

Students pursuing the ASU-Beebe Associate of Fine Arts in Theater receive in-depth coursework in performance or technical and design aspects. The curriculum is deep (and articulation has been/is being negotiated with many 4-year programs). The ASU-Beebe Theater and Speech Department offers 24 courses (more than many 4-year programs) ranging from scenic rendering to ballet.

Delta Psi Omega

The national honorary dramatics fraternity for two-year universities is composed of students who have made outstanding contributions to the dramatic activities of ASU-Beebe. The purpose of the fraternity is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities on the campus and to reward outstanding achievements in this field. 

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