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English and Fine Arts

Philosophy & Humanities

Philosophy Courses

The courses offered in philosophy are intended to provide for special philosophy requirements in various degree programs, to acquaint the student with the literature and culture of various philosophies throughout history, and to afford a source of literary and aesthetic pleasure.

Humanities Courses

The humanities are the arts of literature, painting, music, sculpture, architecture, dance, and film, and the discipline of philosophy that permeates all of the arts and, finally, unites them all. The arts, taken together, are a separate field of human knowledge with their own area of exploration and discovery and with a method of their own.

Courses concentrate on the great literary/artistic productions of time periods from Ancient Rome to the Modern Age as well as provide brief reviews of the geographical and historical events pertinent to each time period.

Equipped with knowledge of the great answers found in the past that shape the way we live today and having come to know the exalted expressions of humanity revealed at their fullest, students can better contribute toward the building of a more desirable culture. This better world is based on a combination of human values and the Greek ideals of beauty and goodness. Students will have a clearer idea of what excellence and nobility is in man, thereby giving them the tools to make better decisions in their personal lives and to enjoy in greater depth the multiple facets that the arts have to offer.