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Spanish Course Descriptions

SPAN 1003 Conversational Spanish 3 Credits

A course designed to familiarize the student with the basic forms of the Spanish language that are used in everyday speech. The focus of the course is on the development of oral and written communication skills.

SPAN 1013 Spanish I 3 Credits

Spanish I is designed to teach Spanish language and culture as complementary facets of a single reality. Students will learn authentic, unsimplified Spanish and use it in the context of actual communication. Spanish I is designed as a foundation course for students who intend to focus on careers based on either a primary or secondary use of the language. There is no prerequisite for Spanish I.

SPAN 1023 Spanish II 3 Credits

Spanish II is a continuation of Spanish I. Prerequisite: SPAN 1013 or at least one year of high school Spanish.

SPAN 2013 Spanish III 3 Credits

Spanish III is a continuation of Spanish II. Prerequisite: SPAN 1023.

SPAN 2023 Spanish IV 3 Credits

Spanish IV students will continue developing skills in reading, writing, and speaking through the selected use of authentic Spanish literature and cultural presentations. Prerequisite: SPAN 2013.