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Art Department

Art Department

The Department of Fine Arts includes three areas: Art, Music, and Speech and Theatre. Each, though a separate unit, complements the others. The Department of Fine Arts is primarily a place to learn. It also serves the campus, the community, and the state by providing artistic, cultural, and educational leadership. Basically it is concerned with providing opportunities and encouragement for students to develop inherent talents and capacities. It also enables the students to put into practice techniques learned in the classroom. Participation in classes and programs in the three areas is open to all students. All students are encouraged to embrace these opportunities in order to give dynamic meaning to their developing aesthetic experiences and to develop the whole person. 

The Art Program is devoted to the responsibility of giving students a basic understanding of the fundamentals and principles of art. Students in art are encouraged to develop insight, sensitivity, and perception toward all aspects of nature, leading to individual expressive responses. Aesthetic and functional values are stressed in the study of the many facets of art. Students are given the opportunity to develop creative ideas and skills through a wide range of applied studio and classroom experiences.

Art Club

The Art Club attempts to bring together artists and those who love art. Members are charged a small fee to promote art trips and projects. A “Show and Sale” is held each spring. Mona Vaden is advisor.