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(Army Reserve Officer Training Corps)



In partnership with the Department of Military Science and Leadership at A-State, the Military Science and Leadership (MSL) basic courses are offered at ASU-Beebe. Students will register for the courses as with other ASU-Beebe courses.

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a series of elective college courses, taken in conjunction with a full load of academic courses, which can lead to a commission as a second lieutenant in either the U.S. Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Participation in ROTC, instruction in leadership and management, helps students develop discipline, physical stamina, and confidence.

The ROTC program augments university objectives by emphasizing academic excellence and the development of personal integrity, honor, and responsibility. Upon commissioning, graduates will serve in the active U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard. Selection for active duty is based on the needs of the service, the individual’s preference, and the individual’s performance record. Almost any branch is available for those commissioned in the reserve forces (barring physical limitations).

Physically able students, male or female, may enroll in the basic courses without incurring a military obligation. The ROTC basic courses consist of four courses designed to be taken one each semester during the freshman and sophomore years. Multiple military science courses may be taken during the same semester with the approval of the Professor of Military Science (PMS). All textbooks are provided at no charge.