Business and Agriculture

Technical Certificates

Students who wish to pursue a concentrated course of study requiring approximately 30 semester hours of courses should complete a technical certificate.  Technical certificates are available through the Department of Business in several areas-computer information systems, computerized accounting, office occupations, health information assistant, and public procurement.  Courses taken for the technical certificate may be applied toward a subsequent associate of science degree in business technology.

Technical Certificate in Health Information Assistant

The field of medical records is growing rapidly. The Health Information Assistant program provides students with knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of health care managers. Through the use of textbooks, applications, and simulations, students are given the opportunity to develop the skills required for this field. These skills include ICD 10 CM and CPT coding, insurance billing, medical transcription, records management, and reception area responsibilities.

Students will have three (3) years from the date of enrollment to complete all requirements of the program. A student re-entering after the three-year time period will have to repeat all the Health Information Assistant (HIA) courses in the program.

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