Online College FAQ's

ASUB Online FAQ's

Do I need to be an ASUB student to take online classes?

Yes, you must be admitted to ASUB before you will be allowed to enroll in an online class. You can apply online or in person.  For more information, contact Admissions at 800.632.9985 or 501.882.8860.

Are online classes easier than traditional (face-to-face) classes?

No. You will still be required to learn the same material. The main difference will be the way that you receive the course material. Instead of a face-to-face classroom setting, you will use the ASUB Learning Management System, Canvas, to access the material in your online classes. This means you must have access to a dependable computer and internet connection. Additionally, online classes require you to show initiative in logging in on a regular basis in order to communicate with your instructor and classmates, and to participate in activities.

Will I save time by taking an online class?

Perhaps. You will likely save time only when you consider the amount of time spent commuting to campus. However, you still have to spend as much, if not more, time participating in the online class. The main benefit is that you will be able to choose the time of day when this is the most convenient for you.

Will I ever be required to come to the ASUB campus?

It depends. Internet Assisted (IA) classes require activities on campus (check with the instructor for more details). Online classes require at least one proctored exam that can be taken for free on one of the ASUB campuses. If you live too far to travel to the campus you will be able to secure a proctor in your location provided they meet the ASUB Online Proctoring Policy guidelines.

Is there an orientation for online classes?

Yes. First time ASUB students are required to go through the Canvas Online Orientation within Canvas. This will help you learn how to use Canvas and how to be successful in online classes.  You will have access to this within Canvas about two weeks before classes start.  It will take you about an hour to complete the orientation.

What sort of computer skills will I need to take an online class?

You need to be comfortable performing basic tasks on your computer such as creating documents within a word processor, saving documents, uploading files, downloading files, etc. There are some classes that may have additional computer skill requirements based on subject matter (example-taking an online accounting class could require that you know how to use Excel).

What are the technical requirements for an online class?

You need a dependable computer that has the following: the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (free through or Google Chrome (free through properly installed; Java installed and updated (free through; and Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash installed (both free through Additionally, you need a reliable Internet connection (connections through the old modem formats are not recommended). 

Do I need to have a computer and Internet at home to take an online class?

Yes. It is highly recommended that you have both at home. You must make sure that your access to a computer and Internet is dependable. If you are planning to access your course from your workplace, you may need to check with your supervisor and/or network administrator to ensure they will allow you to access Canvas through their network.

Are there software requirements?

For most courses, the main requirement will be a browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). Some courses will require that you use additional software such as Microsoft Office for assignments. Check with your instructor for further details.

Can I get a copy of Microsoft Office through ASUB?

Yes, current students enrolled at ASUB have access to Microsoft Office for free. To access the software, you must be logged into your ASUB email. The direct web address to this email account is:

Reference for email/software updates. If you have problems accessing email or downloading the software, contact the IT department through or call 501.882.8999.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

The majority of online classes require a textbook and it is expected you will have the book within the first few days of class, since most have assignments and/or exams within the first week. The textbook information will be part of the course syllabus, which is accessible two days prior to classes starting.

How do I log in to Canvas?

To access Canvas, log in to the Vanguard Portal via Your username will be your Your password will be the first initial of your first name (UPPERCASE), the first initial of your last name (lowercase), your 8-digit birth date (MMDDYY), followed by an exclamation point (!). Example: John Doe’s user name is If his birthdate is June 28, 1999, his password will be Jd06281999!. If you have trouble logging in to the Portal, contact our IT department at or call 501.882.8999.

Once inside the Portal, you will see a Canvas login link. Click on that and it will take you in to Canvas. To access your class, click the course name on your Canvas Dashboard.

First time ASUB students will have access to Canvas within approximately 10 days of classes starting. Online classes will be visible to students two days prior to the beginning of the semester/term. You MUST log in to your online classes on the first day of classes (or the first day after you have enrolled during the add/drop period).

If you don’t see your classes within Canvas or have technical problems contact Canvas Technical Support at 501.882.4409 or email at Bbhelpdesk  (you must use your ASUB email address since this account is internal).

To speak with the Canvas Support Hotline (Student) directly call 833.741.0031. In your Canvas course under the Help menu you will find the option to chat live with Canvas Support (Student).

ASUB Online Support is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m (during full semester/term). Summer hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The help desk is closed on holidays and when classes are not in session. In the event of inclement weather the help desk will be closed if the Beebe campus is closed.

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