Art Courses

ART 1013 Design I 3 Credits

The study of the elements and principles of two-dimensional design.

ART 1033 Drawing I 3 Credits

A studio course in which the concepts of linear perspective, value studies, contrast, contour, and technique are taught by using a variety of subjects from still life to live models. A variety of media will also be explored. Six hours per week.

ART 1043 Drawing II - Life Drawing 3 Credits

Foundation course for majors or minors in art. Studies of the figure with emphasis on anatomy, composition, and orientation to media. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 1033.

ART 1053 History of Graphic Design 3 Credits

Surveys the field of graphic design from its origins to contemporary practice. Develops visual vocabulary, provides insight into the continuity of design thinking, provides cultural and historical context for design practice.

ART 1073 Color Theory 3 credits

A concentrated study of the theory and application of color, both fundamental and advanced. This course is offered on the Beebe campus during the Fall and Spring semesters.

ART 1063 Digital Photography 3 credits

This course offers an introduction to photography as it can be used in digital media. Basic camera operation and computer based digital imaging and design applications will be covered. Prerequisite: ART 1013 Design I for art majors. This course is offered on the Beebe campus during the Fall and Spring semesters.

ART 1083 Graphic Design I 3 credits

Basic principles of typography, printing processes, design and visual communication as they relate to graphic design. This course is offered on the Beebe campus during the Fall semester.

ART 1093 Digital Photography II 3 credits

This course is a continuation of Digital Photography. Students will become more independent in their use of advanced photography skills, including but nor=t limited to composition, camera control, and use of editing programs.

ART 2063 Painting I 3 Credits

A studio course which utilizes the elements and principles of art. In addition to the language of art, value studies, contrast, and technique will be taught. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 1033.

ART 2073 Painting II 3 Credits

A continuation of ART 2063. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 2063.

ART 2093 Ceramics I 3 Credits

An introductory course in creative clay processes. Emphasis is placed upon the hand building techniques of coil, slab, pinch, and wheel thrown pot methods along with glazing and firing procedures. Surface and glaze treatments are explored for visual as well as tactile purposes. Six hours per week.

ART 2103 Ceramics II 3 Credits

Continuation of Introduction to Ceramics work. Emphasis is placed upon sculpture, slab, and wheel thrown pot methods along with glazing and firing procedures. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 2093.

ART 2413 Graphic Design II 3 credits

Graphic Design II is a continuation of Graphic Design I and more fully explores the interaction of text and image. Students will become more independent in the use of fundamental components of graphic communication. Students will create independent and creative solutions to a series of design problems. Knowledge of and exposure to contemporary design issues and graphic design history will be an important component to this course. This course is offered on the Beebe campus during the Spring semester.

ART 2423 Advanced Graphic Design 3 credits

Graphic Design demands the visual representation of concepts of ideas. In this advanced, hands-on course, you'll build creative skills for tackling challenging professional projects. The main focus of this class will be on creating 2D digital design projects and developing portfolio pieces.

ART 2433 Graphic Illustration 3 credits

Application of principles of typography, page layout, color, texture, organization, photography, and illustration imagery and concept using the editorial magazine as the vehicle; further mastery of Adobe Creative Suite; further understanding of both historic and contemporary graphic design and designer’;s styles; preparation for final portfolio; job hunting skills; venues; resume and cover letters; identity package and self-promotion; improve presentation and critique skills

ART 2503 Fine Arts-Visual 3 Credits

An introduction to visual arts for all students regardless of background or experience. The purpose is to help the student to develop criteria for appreciation of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Three lecture hours per week.

ART 2603 Modern Art History 3 credits

This course will examine the origins and development of modern art, including painting, sculpture, and architecture, from the time of Manet in the late nineteenth century through the twentieth century. Its purpose is to help the student gain an understanding of some of the major ideas behind the development of modernism and of the characteristic forms of various art movements and to acquaint the student with some of the important artistic figures who played a significant role in these developments. This is a history course which is concerned with the evolution and interrelation of ideas about art, history, artists, and visual facts and their application to emerging art forms examined within their cultural-historical context. This course is intended to develop critical thinking and communication skills as well as knowledge of the subject matter.

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