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Graduation Requirements

Application for Graduation:
Students requesting consideration for graduation must complete an Application for Graduation prior to the published deadline in the catalog for each semester or term.
In certain situations, the advisor or division chair may allow a substitution for a program requirement. The university registrar must be informed of this request prior to conferring the student's degree or certificate. Final approval of substitutions rests with the vice chancellor for academic affairs.
The appropriate degree or certificate will be conferred once all academic requirements have been met and all obligations to the university have been completed.
There is no charge to apply for graduation.

Graduation requirements for students seeking a degree or certificate include:
1. Successful completion of all program requirements with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00.
2. A student must complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours in residency.
3. Satisfaction of all financial obligations to the university.

If continuously enrolled, students may graduate under the ASU-Beebe catalog in effect when they first enrolled. If enrollment has not been continuous, they may graduate under the current catalog or the first catalog of their continuous enrollment. Students who have been out of school no more than five years and can finish their program with no more than twelve hours may continue under the catalog under which they originally entered.