About Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research's mission is to collect and distribute data and information related to ASU-Beebe. IR works with data relating to students, faculty, programs, and personnel. The primary role of Institutional Research is to assist with data-driven decision making by providing an accurate representation of the institution. IR also spends a significant amount of time fulfilling the data requirements of external groups, such as the state legislature and state and federal agencies.

Requests for Data and Information

IR aims to provide consistent, reliable, and accurate data and information to both internal and external parties on a timely and regular basis. While making every effort to assure the accuracy of the data distributed, IR must also guard individual privacy.  In most cases, aggregate data that cannot be traced to those from whom it was collected are shared.  For official university business, data specific to individuals may be shared, but only within the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Bonnie Smyth-McGaha
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 501.882.8826
Email: bmsmyth
Office: State Hall 210

Rachel Lewis
Research Analyst
Phone: 501.882.8923
Email: rjlewis
Office: State Hall 210

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