"Transforming Lives Through Quality Learning Experiences"



The ASU-Beebe Institutional Effectiveness Plan is a roadmap guiding continuous improvement. Because every University endeavor, objective, and strategy should flow from its mission, the Institutional Effectiveness Plan is ultimately a means for measuring how well the University pursues this mission. The mission of ASU-Beebe is "Transforming Lives Through Quality Learning Experiences."

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) serves as an advisory board to the Chancellor's Council and the University Planning Team on matters such as assessment and strategic planning.

Joe Berry, Chair
Phone: (501) 882-4407
Email: jlberry

Assessment of Student Learning Committee (ASL)

To transform student lives, ASU-Beebe must ensure that student learning takes place as intended.  The Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) Committee oversees assessment activities at the course and degree program levels.

David Jones - Co-Chair
Phone: (501) 882-8841
Email: dmjones

Ken Barton - Co-Chair
Phone: (501) 882-4457
Email: kkbarton

Janet Liles - Ex-Officio
Phone: (501) 882-4509
Email: jaliles

Assessment of Functional Performance Committee (AFP)

The AFP supports student learning experiences by ensuring that quality services and products compliment the transformation of student lives.

Charlene Chambers - Co-Chair
Phone: (501) 882-4405
Email: rcchambers

Cheryl Cherry - Co-Chair
Phone: (501) 207-6252
Email: ccherry